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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Managing Complexity: The Lessons of Horizontal Policy-Making in the Provinces

With jurisdictions increasingly in competition with one another for investment and economic growth, governments are constantly looking for ways to be more effective in harnessing their resources to address seemingly intractable social problems.

In his paper, Peach argues that “in Canada, a number of provinces have been experimenting for most of the past decade with ways to improve the coordination of policy-making among government departments, across orders or government, and with citizens, in the hope of more effectively addressing multi-faceted social and economic challenges.” By reviewing the literature on these "horizontal” policy processes, conducting interviews with officials involved in these initiatives in several provinces, and comparing the provinces’ experience with that of American states and the United Kingdom, Mr. Peach identifies several valuable lessons for successfully managing this new way of making public policy.


Ian Peach

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