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Use of Adult Alternative Measures in Saskatchewan 1999-2000 and 2000-2001

Alternative measures programs offer an option within the criminal justice system that allows crime to be addressed outside of the formal court system. Adults accused of a criminal offence who take responsibility for their conduct may be offered the opportunity to address the harm caused by their actions by participating in a community-based program. "These programs attempt to balance the needs of victims, the accused and their communities while ensuring that society is protected. They offer accused persons a chance to take responsibility for their behaviour and to address the harm they have committed."

The aims of alternative measures programs are to:

- increase the offender's accountability and responsibility for criminal actions
- promote the involvement of victims in the process
- protect society by deterring accused persons from further criminal behaviour
- enhance the community's participation in resolving conflicts
- involve the community in addressing the crime, and
- protect the interests of society

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