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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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  Child Support Clauses
Child Support Clauses
  Form A - Support Application / Support Variation Application
This form is the first of a series of forms for your application for a reciprocal support order (for a parent living in another jurisdiction). It tells the court what you are asking for and who you are. It gives a brief summary of any court action involving support and a history of your relationship with the other parent.
  Form B - Identification Information
The jurisdiction where the other parent is living will need this form. The information you provide in this form will help the court find the other parent and give them notice that you have applied for an order.
  Form C - Evidence of Parentage
Fill in a Form C for each child for whom you are claiming child support.
  Form D - Statements to Support a Declaration of Biological Parentage
This form goes with Form C.
  Form E - Child Support Claim
To claim support for one or more children, you’ll need to fill out this form.
  Form F - Request for Support Order (if Respondent does not provide financial information)
Fill out this form if if the Respondent does not provide financial information.
  Form G - Request for a Child Support Order, Different than Child Support Guidelines Table Amount
Use Form G if you are making a claim for a child support amount that is not in a child support guidelines table.
  Form H - Special Expense Claim
Use this form if you need to claim special expenses for your children.
  Form I - Request to Pay Child Support, Different than the Child Support Guidelines Table Amount
Use Form I if you are the person paying child support and wish to pay a different amount than what is in the Child Support Guidelines Table.
  Form J - Support for Claimant / Applicant
If you decide that you are entitled support for yourself, fill out this form.
  Form K - Financial Statement
If you think the respondent in another jurisdiction may dispute the amount you are claiming for support, you must fill out this form.
  Form L - Child Status and Financial Statement
If you are claiming support for a child who is the “age of majority” or older, you must include Form L.
  Form M - Evidence to Support Variation of a Support Order
If you want to change your support order, whether you are paying support or receiving support, fill out this form.
  Form N - Respondent’s Answer to Application
As the respondent, once you receive the application for a court order you will need to fill out this form.
  Form Support Guide
Form Support Guide
  Hague Application - English
Hague Application - English
  Hague Application - English-French-German-Italian
Hague Application - English-French-German-Italian
  Maintenance Enforcement Office Brochure
Maintenance Enforcement Office Brochure - Information for Payors and Recipients of Child and Spousal Support
  Maintenance Enforcement Office Enrollment Form
If you wish to enroll with the Maintenance Enforcement Office to receive or pay child support, you must fill out this form.