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  Residential Tenancies: Sample Landlord Hearing Notice
Example - notice of hearing on claim by landlord
  Residential Tenancies: Sample Tenant Hearing Notice
Example: notice of hearing on claim by tenant
  Residential Tenancies: Interest Rates of Security Deposits
005 Information about interest rates payable by landlords on refunded security deposits.
  Form 1 - Power of Attorney - Non-resident Landlord
Form 01 Required by landlords who do not reside in Saskatchewan to appoint a person in Saskatchewan as their power of attorney.
  Form 2 - Application to Dispose of Abandoned Property
Form 02 Application by landlord for an Order to dispose of property abandoned by tenant.
  Form 3 - Standard Conditions of a Tenancy Agreement
Form 03 Standard conditions of every tenancy agreement, and must be attached to all written tenancy agreements.
  Formulaire 3 - Conditions générales d’une convention de location
Form 03 F Conditions générales d’une convention de location
  Form 4 - Notice of Entry
Form 04 For use by landlords to provide advance notice to a tenant that the landlord will be entering into the rental unit.
  Form 5 - Notice of Rent Increases
Form 05 Used by landlord to give notice of rent increase to tenant.
  Form 5a - Notice of Rent Increase for SKLA Members
Form 05a Used by landlords who are members of the Saskatchewan Landlord Association Inc. who wish to give notice of a rent increase to their tenants.
  Form 6 - Tenant’s Notice to Landlord to Terminate Tenancy
Form 06 Tenant’s one month Notice to Vacate
  Form 6a - Tenant’s Notice to Vacate Early for Cause
Form 06a Tenant’s notice to vacate early due to a material breach of the Tenancy Agreement by the Landlord.
  Form 7 - Immediate Notice to Vacate
Form 07 Used by landlord to give a tenant immediate notice to vacate for non-payment of rent.
  Form 7a - Notice of Utility Arrears
Form 07a Used by landlord to notify tenant of utility arrears.
  Form 8 - Notice to Vacate - One Calendar Month
Form 08 Used by landlord to evict a tenant for cause.
  Form 8a - Notice to Vacate - Employee
Form 08a Landlord evicting an employee whose employment is ended
  Form 8b - Notice to Vacate - Owner occupying
Form 08b Two months’ notice required when a landlord intends to use the property personally or for family or a close friend.
  Form 8c - Notice to Vacate - Purchaser occupying
Form 08c Used when a landlord has sold the property and the purchaser wants move-in
  Form 8d - Notice to Vacate for Specified Uses
Form 08d Two months’ notice required for demolition, renovation, conversion to condo, housing co-op or non-residential use, or for use by a caretaker or manager
  Form 8e - Notice to Vacate - Housing Program Purposes
Form 08e Landlords who provide a housing program may evict tenants for the purposes of the housing program.
  Form 9 - Tenant Application for a Claim
Form 09 Tenant application for a claim.
  Form 9a - Landlord Application for Possession
Form 09a Form 9a-ORT Landlord Application for Possession
  Form 9b - Landlord Application for Possession - Urgent Matters
Form 09b Landlord application for possession for urgent matters only.
  Form 9c - Landlord Application - Monetary Claim
Form 09c Landlord application for monetary claim.
  Form 9d - Landlord Application - Other
Form 09d Landlord application for changes to facilities or services; changes to tenancy agreement or other.
  Form 10 - Abandonment of Claim in Excess of $30,000
Form 10 Used by claimant (landlord or tenant) to abandon portion of claim over $30,000.
  Form 11 - Request to Correct or Clarify Order or Obvious Error
Form 11 After a decision by a Hearing Officer, either the landlord or tenant may ask that the order be clarified or an obvious error corrected.
  Form 12 - Tenant Application for Return of Security Deposit and Interest
Form 12 Used by tenant to apply to the ORT for an order directing the landlord to return the security deposit after vacating property.
  Form 13-14 - Notice of Landlord's Claim for Security Deposit
Form 13 Notice of landlord's claim for security deposit form.
  Form 15 - Term Lease - Two Month Notice of Intention Form
Form 15 Must be given by the landlord to the tenant two months prior to the end of a term lease.