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  Awards of Costs and Access to Justice: Research Paper (2011)
This Discussion Paper includes a description of the cost regimes in Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions, and canvasses arguments in favour of each system.
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  Children's Maintenance: Background Paper (1976)
This Background Paper,examines the current law on children’s maintenance orders in Saskatchewan.
  Comparison of Proposals for the Reform of Limitations of Actions (1998)
This paper reconsiders the Commission's 1989 Proposals for a New Limitations of Actions Act in light of the the Uniform Limitations Act adopted by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada.
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  Discussion Paper on the Consolidation of Certain Rules and Statutory Provisions in The Administration of Estates Act (2005)
This Discussion Paper is part of the Commission's on-going review of the law of wills, trusts, and administration of estates.
  Division of Matrimonial Property, First Working Paper: Problems Within the Present Law (1974)
This Working Paper is the first of three on the division of matrimonial property. This Paper outlines current problems in the law.
  Division of Matrimonial Property, Second Working Paper: Possible Solutions to Problems Within the Present Law (1974)
This Working Paper outlines a variety of approaches to remedying the unfairness in matrimonial property law.
  Division of Matrimonial Property, Third Working Paper: Tentative Proposals for Reform of Matrimonial Property Law (1974)
This Working Paper reflects on the nature of marriage as a partnership and the consequent need for a distribution of property regime that reflects this reality.
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  Family Maintenance Between Husband and Wife: Background Paper (1975)
This Background Paper explores the inadequacies of current family maintenance law in Saskatchewan and suggests some solutions.
  Federalism and First Nations: Making Space for First Nations' Self-Determination in the Federal Inherent Right Policy (2005)
This paper argues that federal and provincial governments renew their self-government policies to give meaning to the inherent right of First Nations to self-government.
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  Light Pollution Abatement Legislation: Background Paper (2007)
This Report looks at how provincial minimum standards could be enacted to address light pollution in Saskatchewan.
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  Personal Property Security Law in Saskatchewan: Background Paper (1975)
This Background Paper outlines the need for reform in personal property security legislation in Saskatchewan.
  Provincial Offences Working Paper: Tentative Recommendations for Reform (1977)
This Report suggests reforms to the sentencing options for provincial offences.
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  Reform of Fraudulent Conveyances and Fraudulent Preferences Law (Transactions at Undervalue and Preferential Transfers): Progress Report (2009)
This report provides an update on The Uniform Law Conference of Canada's project on reform of fraudulent conveyance and fraudulent preference laws. The aim of the project is to create draft legislation for each province/territory to adopt.
  Reform of Fraudulent Conveyances and Fraudulent Preferences Law: Part II - Preferential Transfers (2008)
The Uniform Law Conference of Canada (Civil Law section) outlines its work on fraudulent preferences and the effort to create uniform draft legislation for the provinces to adopt.
  Reform of Fraudulent Conveyances and Fraudulent Preferences Law: Part I - Transactions at Undervalue (2007)
This Report includes summaries of existing provincial and federal legislation concerning fraudulent preferences, and reviews the policy considerations and issues still to be determined.
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  Solar Access Legislation: Background Paper (2007)
This Paper explores policy options available for the province with respect to solar access legislation.
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  The Role of the Uniform Law Conference in Relation to Aboriginal Law: Conference Paper (2002)
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal laws can work in parallel without overlap in the jurisdiction of the respective law-making bodies.
  The Saskatchewan Evidence Act: Research Paper (2004)
This Paper is intended to facilitate modernization of the language of the legislation, rather than recommend significant changes in the law (2004).
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