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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Publications Centre
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Included here is information on Saskatchewan forest ecosystems, including forest health, licensing, planning, policies and maps.

Forest Pest Fact Sheets
Island Forests Forest Management Plan
Wildfire Maps
Product List
  2017 Areas of Known Dutch Elm Disease
This map shows the location of known Dutch elm disease infections in Saskatchewan.
  2017-18 Quarterly Dues and Fees Table
Those harvesting timber from provincial Crown forests pay dues and forest management fees, which can vary depending on a number of factors. The table is updated quarterly.
  Dutch Elm Disease - Location Poster
Use this information poster to supply information to the public regarding elm tree disposal in your area.
  Field Guide to the Ecosites of Saskatchewan's Provincial Forests
This guide provides information about 81 forest ecosites across Saskatchewan’s four ecozones. Brief descriptions and ecological interpretations are provided for each ecosite.
  Forest Inventory Mapping Help Document
Forest inventory maps provide a wealth of information about forest cover. This document will help you to access these maps from the online Saskatchewan Interactive mapping service.
  Forest Management Planning
This document contains objectives, standards, guidelines and procedures for preparing a forest management plan.
  Mountain Pine Beetle Designation Order
  Mountain Pine Beetle Ministers Order
  Strategic Planning and Accountability Policy
This policy outlines the Ministry of Environment’s Forest Service Branch mandate and the important forest outcomes they work to achieve.