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  Operational Duties: Petroleum Storage Facilities
This fact sheet explains the general operational duties of storage facilities, as well as operational duties of both above-ground and underground storage tanks.
  Requirements for Chemical Warehouse Upgrading
These five key requirements must be followed when upgrading chemical storage facilities.
  Requirements for Self Contained Above Ground Storage Tanks for Petroleum Storage
Above ground petroleum storage tanks must comply with the Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  Requirements for Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
By December 31, 1997, underground petroleum storage tank systems at Class B locations must meet these standards.
  Requirements for Upgrading Above Ground Petroleum Tanks
These requirements must be followed when upgrading all new and existing above ground petroleum storage tanks.
  Requirements for Upgrading Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems
These requirements apply to the upgrading of underground petroleum storage tank systems, particularly farm fuel, heating oil, and stand-by petroleum systems.
  Requirements for Waste Dangerous Goods Storage
As of April 1, 1995, all waste dangerous goods storage facilities must comply with these regulations.
  Site Classification
These are the regulatory requirements for Class "C" sites.