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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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  Air Quality in Saskatchewan
Clean air is vital to the health and well-being of Saskatchewan's residents and natural environment. Measuring and evaluating air quality is an important activity in maintaining Saskatchewan's air quality.
  City of Regina Air Quality Monitoring Study 2012 - 2013 Summary
The Ministry of Environment, along with the Ministry of Health, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region and the City of Regina conducted a one-year air quality study. The urban study, undertaken in the City of Regina, is the first of its kind in Saskatchewan.
  City of Regina Air Quality Monitoring Study 2014
Air Quality Monitoring Study for the City of Regina from March 2014.
  Saskatchewan Air Monitoring Lab (SAML)
The Saskatchewan Air Monitoring Lab (SAML) is a vehicle designed to measure air quality and is equipped to continuously monitor a variety of air pollutants simultaneously.
  Saskatchewan Air Quality Modelling Guideline
The “Saskatchewan Air Quality Modelling Guideline” is developed to ensure consistency in carrying out air dispersion modelling for regulatory applications in the Province of Saskatchewan. The guidance document will be reviewed periodically to ensure that up to date information and models are available for predicting air quality in Saskatchewan.
  Saskatchewan Air Zone Report (2011-2013)
Air zones are characterized as geographic regions with comparative air quality challenges and emission characteristics. Meteorology, geography, industrial activities, air contaminant emissions, administrative boundaries, economic development and other air quality variables all factor into establishing air zone borders.