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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Publications Centre
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Discover what it means to be FireSmart. Find out what you can do to prevent and prepare for wildfire, and protect your home and community.

FireSmart Campfires
FireSmart Case Studies
FireSmart for Farms and Ranches
FireSmart for Industrial and Commercial Operations
FireSmart for Schools
FireSmart: Home Construction
FireSmart: Protect Your Community
Firesmart: Protect Your Home and Yard
FireSmart: What You Need to Know About Wildfire
Product List
  Evacutation Checklist
Last–Minute Checklist for Protecting Your Home and Property from Wildfire
  FireSmart Burning Project
If you are FireSmart, you have a better chance of saving your home, yard, outbuildings - even your family and yourself.
  FIRESMART survey results - November 2017
FireSmart Canada in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan developed a national survey administered in French and English to assess the public’s awareness of FireSmart, the degree to which they engage in FireSmart activities, and support for strategies to increase in engagement.