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Friday, December 14, 2018
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  Bear Awareness in Saskatchewan - Respect Our Furry Friends! (July 2014)
Be aware of the bears during camping season.
  Duck! Dodge! Dive! Watch out for aerial attacks from Merlins (May 2014)
Merlins are about the size of a pigeon, eat mostly small birds, and will defend their territory.
  Float and Stir Those Coals! Know Your Campfire Safety (July 2014)
Digging a pit, having items on hand to put out fires and wind conditions are the most common safety precautions for building a recreational campfire.
  Keeping tabs on online wildlife trafficking (Nov 2014)
The selling and buying of wild game meat and exotic animals constitutes trafficking in wildlife and is prohibited under provincial law.
  Saskatchewan develops range plans to protect woodland caribou (February 2015)
Woodland Caribou, found primarily in the boreal region of Saskatchewan, are facing a population decline. They are constantly on the move in their home range of 300 square kilometres. There are two caribou conservation units in Saskatchewan - the Boreal Shield and the Boreal Plain. The province is trying to better understand the status of Woodland Caribou population in the Boreal Shield and is developing range plans to identify and protect caribou habitat in the Boreal Plain.
  Watch out! There's a moose on the loose (July 2014)
Occasionally, moose wander into communities and cause excitement for local residents. Sometimes conservation officers will tranquilize the animal and take it out of the city. Other times, the animals find their own way out or can be guided out.