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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Get details on air quality monitoring, current readings in your community and the potential impacts from pollutants as well as vehicle emissions.

Air Quality Measures and Models
Product List
  Air - Guideline for Opening Burning and Structure Disposal
This guideline outlines the requirements for burning of wood products derived from the demolition of wood buildings and structures.
  Air - Wood Burning Fact Sheet
Wood stoves are the most common wood burning appliance. Others include pellet stoves, fire places, fire place inserts, wood cook stoves, masonry heaters, outdoor fire pits, central heating furnaces, outdoor boilers and outdoor heaters for pools or hot tubs.
  Air Monitoring Guideline for Saskatchewan
The objective of this guideline is to provide general guidance to industries in Saskatchewan that are required to conduct ambient air monitoring at their facilities. It explains the specific air monitoring and reporting requirements for measuring ambient air quality in the province.
  Air Zone Management System Fact Sheet
An air zone is defined as a geographic region within the province of Saskatchewan that shares similar air quality characteristics and challenges. Air zone boundaries are established by considering features such as topography, meteorology, economic activities, pollution sources and common air quality issues.
  Air Zone Map
Map of air zones within the province of Saskatchewan.