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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Canadian Natural Resources Limited v. Newman Estate Application to issue a Compensation Order under Section 74(2).524 acres for an access road - $500.00 First Year; Annual Rental $250.00
Dow Farms Inc. v. Crocotta Energy Inc. Rental Review applications – Access Road – 2.19 acres Crop Loss - $844.57; Severance $400.00, Adverse Effect $400.00 and Nuisance $450.00; Total Annual Rental $2,095.00 (rounded)2.66 Wellsite and Roadway – Crop Loss - $1,025.83;Severance $550.00, Adverse Effect $550.00 and Nuisance $550.00Total Annual Rental $2,676.00 (rounded)
Husky Oil Operations Limited v. Rutherford Set Compensation payable on a .52 acre flowline (E.B. 6/11) Land Value: $109.95; Survey Payment: $100.00; Unused pipe left in ground: 0 Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance: no payment Loss of Use: 0; Costs: $3,500.00
Wright v. Raging River Exploration Inc. Set annual compensation for wellsite and access road (E.B. 11/13)(4.71 acres) $1,650.00 per acre capital loss; Crop Loss: $330.00 per acre; Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance: $2,800.00 year one and $2,300.00 year two and subsequent years Costs: $8,700.00
Saskalta Farms Ltd. v. Northern Blizzard Resources Inc. Set compensation payable for 16 additional wells only First year capital loss and Crop loss had been agreed upon. General Disturbance payment (one time) - $1,000.00 for each additional well Annual Rental for addition equipment - $600.00 for each additional well Costs: $4,600.00