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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Aalbers v. Legacy Oil + Gas Inc. Section 86 application for termination of E.B. 13/14, 14/14 and 15/14 Hearing held – Application denied.
Derry Wells v. Bonavista Energy Corporation Rental Review – 4.03 acres Rental increase of $150.00 agreed to by both parties at the hearing. No costs.
Board Order set aside by Court of Appeal September 10, 2018 (CACV 2898)
Spectrum Resource Group Inc. v. Fair Estate et al Set Compensation for Occupant only on E.B. 2/15 and E.B. 6/15.$250.00 for E.B. 2/15 and $150.00 for E.B. 6/15. No costs.