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Saturday, March 25, 2017
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  2017 Assessment Appeals Guide - Board of Revision
This guide helps board of revision members and secretaries understand their role in the assessment appeal process.
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  Employee Code of Conduct Template
Sample Employee Code of Conduct. It is intended for guidance/illustrative purposes only and may be reworded to suit local conditions and requirements.
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  Financial Risk Management for Municipalities
This bulletin identifies ways for municipalities to reduce financial risk by outlining provincial obligations and best practices for council and administration.
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  Municipal Bylaw Guide
This guide may help municipalities when preparing municipal bylaws. For complicated bylaws, it is recommended that municipalities seek legal advice.
  Municipal Directory
The Municipal Directory lists the names of officials, addresses and phone numbers for municipalities.
  Municipal Nuisance Guide
This is a guide for elected officials and administrators in their efforts to provide a nuisance abatement policy for their community.
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  Records Retention and Disposal Guide
This records retention guide was prepared to assist municipal administrators in making decisions regarding the retention and disposal of records.
  Road and Street Closures Guide
This guide is intended to assist municipalities to close, close and lease, or close and sell streets or roads within the municipality.
  Road Maintenance Agreement - Word Template
This Word template can be used to develop a flexible agreement that meets the needs of both parties and can be altered to suit a variety of situations.
  Road Maintenance Agreement Template
This agreement template can be used to provide a flexible agreement that meets the needs of both parties and can be altered to suit a variety of situations.
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  Waterworks Regulatory Requirements Fact Sheet
This fact sheet explains the provisions concerning municipal waterworks regulations, as identified in the Municipalities Regulations, Part VIII, Sections 50 - 55 and the Cities Regulations, Part V.1, Sections 22.1 - 22.6.
  Waterworks Regulatory Requirements Worksheet Guide and Example
This is a sample for a municipality's annual waterworks information to be provided to the public, as required under the Municipalities Regulations.
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