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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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  2017-Guide du processus d’appel des évaluations foncières pour les citoyens de la Saskatchewan
Le présent guide explique le processus d’appel des évaluations foncières.
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  10 Minute Trainers - Module 1: Council Procedures
10 Minute Trainers are short group training sessions designed for council members and facilitated by your administrator. Each module includes short videos and an opportunity to discuss issues related to your council procedures.
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  2017 Property Tax Revaluation - Consultation Meetings
Slideshow of the June 2016 Consultation Meetings concerning the 2017 Property Revaluation and Tax Policy
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  Administrator's Calendar 2015 January
Annual calendar outlining specific tasks for municipal administrators to complete.
  Annexation - Additional Information Form
Template sample for municipalities wishing to alter their boundaries or pursue annexation.
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  Cannabis Guide for Municipalities
This guide was prepared to outline the legislative powers that municipalities have available to them for regulating cannabis in their communities. Guide is for information only; municipalities should seek legal advice when drafting bylaws and when determining their responsibility in enforcement processes.
  Checklist: Boundary Alteration Application
Checklist guide for municipalities wishing to to pursue annexation.
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  Establish an Organized Hamlet - Sample Public Notice
A sample public notice for those areas considering to establish an organized hamlet in Saskatchewan.
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  Fact Sheet: Cannabis in Municipalities - Q & A for Citizens
With the legalization of cannabis, citizens may have questions about the role their municipality has with respect to this change. This fact sheet has answers to these questions.
  Fact Sheet: Including a Village in the Surrounding RM
This fact sheet provides information for village councils who may be considering to restructure their municipality so it is included in the surrounding rural municipality (RM).
  Fact Sheet: Restructuring Myths
A fact sheet that dispels some common myths about municipal restructuring.
  Fact Sheet: Waterworks Regulatory Requirements
This fact sheet explains the provisions concerning municipal waterworks regulations, as identified in the Municipalities Regulations, Part VIII, Sections 50 - 55 and the Cities Regulations, Part V.1, Sections 22.1 - 22.6.
  Financial Risk Management for Municipalities
This bulletin identifies ways for municipalities to reduce financial risk by outlining provincial obligations and best practices for council and administration.
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  Guide: 2017 Assessment Appeals Guide For Board of Revision Members
This overview (a Board of Revision resource) is to provide general information for local and district board of revision (BoR) members about the assessment system and the 2017 revaluation.
  Guide: 2017 Assessment Appeals Guide In Saskatchewan For Citizens
This guide explains the property assessment appeal process. Topics include: understanding property assessments; understanding assessments appeals; appeals to the Board of Revision; and appeals to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board’s Assessment Appeals Committee.
  Guide: A Citizen's Guide to Shaping Council Decisions (2017)
This document is intended to help citizens explore and understand the options available to those who want to be involved in the municipal governance process. For instance, you may want council to change an existing policy or adopt a new policy regarding a public matter.
  Guide: An Election Guide for Municipalities (2016)
Guide developed by the Advisory Services and Municipal Relations branch municipalities to administer a local government election.
  Guide: Municipal Administrators' Orientation Guide (2017)
Guide developed by the Advisory Services and Municipal Relations branch for administrators.
  Guide: Municipal Bylaw Guide (2013)
This guide may help municipalities when preparing municipal bylaws. For complicated bylaws, it is recommended that municipalities seek legal advice.
  Guide: Municipal Council Member's Handbook (November 2016)
This guide provides new and returning members of municipal council what to expect during their term in office, the role of council and administration, information about the various aspects of running their municipality and tips to make their term of office successful.
  Guide: Municipal Expropriation Guide
A guide for municipalities to acquire land under The Municipal Expropriation Act.
  Guide: Municipal Nuisance Guide
This is a guide for elected officials and administrators in their efforts to provide a nuisance abatement policy for their community.
  Guide: Organized Hamlets in Saskatchewan
Guide provides information about organized hamlets (OH) in a rural municipality and the OH Board's governance and duties.
  Guide: Records Retention and Disposal Guide (2013)
This records retention guide was prepared to assist municipal administrators in making decisions regarding the retention and disposal of records.
  Guide: Road and Street Closures Guide
This guide is intended to assist municipalities to close, close and lease, or close and sell streets or roads within the municipality.
  Guide: Stray Animals Guide
A guide for municipal administrators to handle stray animals.
  Guide: Voluntary Restructuring Guide for Municipalities
This guide is to help municipalities in the voluntary restructuring process (adding/withdrawing territory from existing area; merging with another municipality; including a municipality into another; establishing an organized hamlet within a RM, or incorporating new municipalities).
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  Mandatory and Optional Municipal Services - Functions in Legislation
The Cities Act, The Municipalities Act and The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010 provide municipalities with powers in broad areas. Each of these statutes is intended as enabling legislation. The responsibilities that are mandatory for municipalities in these acts are quite limited, except for property assessment and taxation and maintenance of streets, roads or other public places. Most municipal responsibilities are structured as "enabling".
  Mandatory and Optional Public Safety Services - Functions in Legislation
Guide for mandatory and optional municipal services/functions in legislation related to public safety.
  Mill Rate Return Form (Excel)
Complete this excel spreadsheet to report information about your municipality's 2018 Mill Rate Return. If you need assistance to complete the form, call 306-787-1262.
  Mill Rate Return Instructions - 2018
Instructions to help municipal administrators complete the annual 2018 mill rate return
  Municipal Audit Guidelines 2018
These guidelines can assist municipal councils, administrators and auditors when conducting municipal audits. This document is not intended to be nor should it be used as a substitute for referring to The Municipalities Act (MA) or The Cities Act (Cities) and other relevant legislation.
  Municipal Directory
The Municipal Directory lists the names of officials, addresses and phone numbers for municipalities.
  Municipal Policy Manual Example
Example of municipal policy manual.
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  Order to Extend Time to Complete Board of Revision Activities
Use this interactive Word form to submit your request to have an Order to extend time to complete Board of Revision activities.
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  Principles for Financial Settlements between Municipalities for Boundary Alterations
Annexation compensation guidelines and principles aimed at helping settle annexation compensation disputes between municipalities unable to reach a voluntary boundary alteration agreement.
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  Restructuring Chart From One Municipality to Another
A chart that compares the governance, representation, taxation, administration, revenue sharing grants, and funding opportunities for the different types of municipalities in Saskatchewan.
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  Template: Annexation Public Notice
Template public notice for municipalities to refer to when preparing their Notice to the Public concerning annexation or altering of municipal boundaries.
  Template: Employee Code of Conduct
Sample Employee Code of Conduct. It is intended for guidance/illustrative purposes only and may be reworded to suit local conditions and requirements.
  Template: Municipal Merger Public Notice
Template public notice for municipalities to refer to when preparing their "Notice to the Public" concerning the merging of two municipalities.
  Template: Public Notice for a Hamlet to Become an Organized Hamlet
Public Notice template for municipalities to follow when preparing their "Notice to the Public" when a hamlet wishes to become an organized hamlet.
  Template: Road Maintenance Agreement
This agreement template can be used to provide a flexible agreement that meets the needs of both parties and can be altered to suit a variety of situations.
  Template: Road Maintenance Agreement (Word)
This Word template can be used to develop a flexible agreement that meets the needs of both parties and can be altered to suit a variety of situations.
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  Waterworks Regulatory Requirements for Municipalities (Worksheet Guide and Example)
This is a sample for a municipality's annual waterworks information to be provided to the public, as required under the Municipalities Regulations.
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