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Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Guides, samples and resources for municipalities.

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  A Guide to Establishing Additional Service Areas in Rural Municipalities
This guide is intended to serve as a handbook for councils and residents who wish to establish ASAs in their RMs. In addition to outlining the intent and history of the legislative changes allowing the establishment of ASAs, the guide answers practical questions related to their administration and financing.
  Mill Rate Survey Results
Historical annual mill rate survey results.
  Municipal Policy Manual Example
Example of municipal policy manual.
  Public Disclosure Statement Tips - Bulletin
A resource for council members when filling out their public disclosure statement and should be used for reference purposes only.
  Table: Average Water and Sewer Rates for Saskatchewan Communities
Tables from 2015 to the present day that list the average water and sewer rates for various municipalities in Saskatchewan, based on an average monthly usage of 7,000 gallons per household per month.
  Table: Census Population Changes from 2006 to 2011
Saskatchewan's 2011 and 2006 census population figures for all municipalities in the province, using 2011 municipal boundaries.