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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Following the implementation of MARS, legacy disposition holders whose boundaries have not been legally surveyed will have a fixed period of time to confirm the electronic co-ordinates of their disposition boundaries. The boundary confirmation process will be set out in the new regulations. The ministry has calculated the electronic co-ordinates for the boundaries of its existing non-conforming legacy dispositions based on the GIS mapping information maintained in the Geological Atlas. Electronic data files showing the proposed electronic coordinates of each non-conforming legacy disposition can be downloaded in three formats: a zipped text file, complete zipped shapefile, and an Excel spreadsheet. As dispositions lapse or are divided under the current regulations, the data will be updated. Please contact Stephen Luzny at 306-787-0907 if you have any questions about the data files.

Product List
  Mineral Disposition Point Data
Excel format in a Zip file
  Mineral Dispositions Points
XY file as comma separated text in a zip file
  Mineral Points Vertice Data
Shapefiles in a zip file