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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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  Audiometric Testing in Saskatchewan
This guide will help employers comply with the occupational health and safety requirements for audiometric (hearing)testing and counseling, confidentially and the handling of information. It contains recommendations for audiometric testing equipment, background noise levels in testing areas, calibration of audiometers and the handling and keeping of test results.
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  Chemical and Biological Substances Guide
This guide for employers explains Saskatchewan’s general health and safety requirements for handling chemical and biological substances. It also contains prevention measures and additional resources for the workplace.
  Competency for Operation of Powered Mobile Equipment Checklist
The Competency for Operation of Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Checklist is an example of a checklist employers can use to evaluate a workers’ competency. This checklist is only an example and should be modified to include specifics on the PME being used.
  Cytotoxic Drugs
This guide explains the employers’ duties for protecting health care facility workers from exposure to cytotoxic drugs. Worker exposures could occur at hospitals, special care and personal care homes, cancer and other medical clinics, and home care situations.
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  Elements of an Occupational Health Safety Program
This guide explains what information must be included in an an occupational health and safety program (a definite plan of action, designed for each specific workplace to prevent incidents and occupational disease).
  Emergency Showers and Eye Washes
This guide provides the health and safety standards for emergency showers and eyewashes. It helps employers determine if their workplace requires regular showers, emergency showers or eyewashes.
  Excavating and Trenching Safely Guide
This guide provides employers and contractors with information to help prevent harmful incidents to workers when excavating.
  Eye Injury Prevention
This guide explains employer’s duties in preventing eye injuries including: the risk factors; when eye and face protection and other control measures are required; how to choose “suitable” and “approved” eye and face protection; and how to recognize and treat eye injuries.
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  Facts about Mould
This guide contains information about the different types of mould, the health problems associated with indoor moulds and prevention measures that can be taken.
  First Aid in Saskatchewan Workplaces Guide
This guide provides information about the first aid requirements, the supplies to be included in a first aid box and the recommended quantity per number of workers, and other requirements bases on Class A and Class B qualifications.
  Forklifts and Safe Operation
This guide provides advice to employers on how to implement and maintain effective systems to ensure the safe operation of forklifts. Note: that this guide does not deal with extending or telescoping boom material handling equipment.
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  Guidelines for Tanning Salon Owners & Operators
This guide gives owners and staff of tanning salons an understanding of ultraviolet radiation and its effects on people. It discusses the risks of tanning, provides information on certain products that increase that risk, and a list of general guidelines for tanning salon personnel.
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  Health and Safety Orientation and Training for Workers: A Guide for Employers
The Health and Safety Orientation and Training Guide for Employers provides guidance to employers and supervisors about how to orientate and train workers.
  Hot Conditions Guidelines
This information bulletin outlines the employer's responsibility to control hot conditions at their indoor place of employment helping prevent heat stress disorders.
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  Indoor Air Quality Guide
This guide assists workplaces with investigating and resolving common indoor air quality concerns. It is intended for workplaces such as offices, schools and retail outlets. It is not intended for home-based businesses, manufacturing or other industrial workplaces.
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  Job Safety Analysis
The Job Safety Analysis Guide discusses the benefits of doing a job safety analysis and what the steps are. Sample worksheets and forms can also be found within the guide.
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  Musculoskeletal Injuries Prevention Guide
This guide explains the responsibilities of employers/contractors and prevention measures related to workplace musculoskeletal injuries.
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  Protecting Outdoor Workers from West Nile Virus
This guide provides information to employers and workers about what West Nile is, who is at risk, the symptoms of the disease and what employers can do to reduce the risk of infection to outdoor workers.
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  Understanding Occupational Health and Safety in Saskatchewan
An overview of Saskatchewan's occupational health and safety legislation under The Saskatchewan Employment Act for employers and employees.
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  Working Under Hot Conditions Guide
This guide provides information to employers and workers on how to control hot conditions and prevent heat stress disorders in the workplace.
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