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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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  Bale Grazing Calculator
The Bale Grazing CalculatorĀ© is a tool to help producers estimate the cost of feeding livestock with bale grazing.
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  Cattle Feeding Breakeven Calculator
A tool to help producers make business decisions.
  Costs and Returns for Grassing Cattle Calculator
A tool to help producers make business decisions. When the file is opened, it will ask you to enable or disable macros, click "disable macros".
  Crop Planner 2015
This abbreviated version of the Crop Planner allows producers to input their own values for yields, prices, fixed and variable costs. Producers can change the crops that are listed in the spreadsheets as well as compare different crop rotations for various financial scenarios.
  Crop Planner 2017
The Crop Planner allows producers to input their own values for yields, prices, fixed and variable costs.
  Crop Residue Calculator
Crop Residue Calculator
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  Economics of Commercial Fertilizer for Hay and Pasture
This worksheet calculates the cost and return of fertilizing hay and pasture based on average fertilizer efficiency and costs in Saskatchewan.
  Ewe Planner
A five year annual projection for an existing sheep operation.
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  Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide Calculator
This online calculator has been established to provide approximate costs for renting equipment or obtaining custom farming operations from another farmer.
  Feed Value Calculator
Calculates the relative value of feeds based on current market prices of four reference feeds.
The FeedlotPLAN is an excel based tool used to make five-year annual projections for a new or existing backgrounder and/or finisher operation.
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  Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator
The Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator is designed to determine the costs of producing a crop of cereal grain, cereal silage and cereal greenfeed. It then calculates and compares the net returns or losses between the cereal grain crop, and its alternate use for cereal silage or cereal greenfeed.
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  Hay Share Calculator
The Hay Share Calculator is designed to calculate the cost of producing baled hay and the value of standing hay. It also establishes a fair hay share between the landlord and tenant for the hay (baled and sitting in the field).
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  Land Rent Calculator
This worksheet calculates the cost of land rent using four methods of calculations: income approach, cost approach, crop share approach and contribution approach.
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  Mycotoxin Calculator
The Mycotoxin Calculator calculates the relative toxic values of the Trichothecenes which include Deoxynivalenol DON, 3-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol 3-ADON, 15-Acetyl-deoxynivalenol 15-ADON, Nivalenol NIV, Diacetoxyscirpenol DAS, T-2 Toxin and HT-2 Toxin. It also calculates values for the Zearalenones (Zearalenone, _-Zearalenol, _-Zearalenol), Ochratoxin A, and Aflatoxin B1.
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