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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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  Crop Varieties for Irrigation
Crop Varieties for Irrigation
  Irrigating With A Centre Pivot
Centre pivots are the most common irrigation system used in Saskatchewan.
  Irrigation Certification
Irrigation development and operation is administered by Saskatchewan Agriculture (SA) through The Irrigation Act, 1996.
  Irrigation Development Process Form - Request for Technical Assistance
This process and fee schedule is intended to assist clients with irrigation development.
  Irrigation Districts
Irrigation districts in Saskatchewan are administered by the Ministry of Agriculture under The Irrigation Act, 1996. Under the act, districts are responsible to cover 100 per cent of their administration, operation, maintenance and replacement costs.
  Irrigation in Saskatchewan Map 1
Irrigation in Saskatchewan Map 1
  Irrigation in Saskatchewan Map 2
Irrigation in Saskatchewan Map 2
  Irrigation Rehabilitation and Infill in the Lake Diefenbaker Development Area
Since 2009, a total of $19.8 million infill funding has been provided to irrigation districts adding a total of 11,750 acres of infill capacity out of 50,000 acres.
  Irrigation Research Demonstration and Extension in Saskatchewan
Irrigation research, demonstration and extension in Saskatchewan have been conducted in a co-ordinated fashion under a five-year Canada-Saskatchewan Industry Framework Agreement for Irrigation-Based Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability.
  Saskatchewan Irrigation Design and Construction Standards Manual
The Saskatchewan Irrigation Design and Construction Standards manual provides engineering guidelines needed for the construction and rehabilitation of irrigation district works and individual irrigation projects in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan manual complements and includes much of the information found in the 2010 Irrigation Rehabilitation Program Design and Construction Standards manual provided by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
  Trickle Irrigation Manual
Trickle irrigation, often called drip irrigation, falls under the broader heading of micro-irrigation. Micro-irrigation is the accepted term used to describe the frequent and low-volume application of water by small devices, commonly called emitters.