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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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  A-8.1 - The Agricultural Credit Corporation of Saskatchewan Act
A-8.1 An Act to provide Financial Assistance to Encourage and Promote the Development and Expansion of the Agricultural Industry and to establish the Agricultural Credit Corporation of Saskatchewan
  A-9.1 - The Agricultural Equipment Dealerships Act
A-9.1 An Act respecting Agricultural Equipment Dealerships
  A-10 - The Agricultural Implements Act
A-10 An Act respecting the Sale of Agricultural Implements
  A-12 - The Agricultural Leaseholds Act
A-12 An Act respecting Agricultural Leaseholds
  A-12.1 - The Agricultural Operations Act
A-12.1 An Act respecting Agricultural Operations
  A-14.2 - The Agricultural Safety Net Act
A-14.2 An Act respecting Programs to Stabilize the Income of Agricultural Producers
  A-15.01 - The Agriculture Administration Act
A-15.01 An Act respecting Agriculture
  A-15.21 - The Agri-Food Act, 2004
A-15.21 An Act respecting the Production and Marketing of Agricultural Products and to make a consequential amendment
  A-16.1 - The Agrologists Act, 1994
A-16.1 An Act respecting Agrologists
  A-20.1 - The Animal Identification Act
A-20.1 An Act respecting the Registration, Application and Implantation of Animal Identification Marks
  A-20.2 - The Animal Products Act
A-20.2 An Act respecting the Production, Manufacture, Sale, Purchase, Transport and Inspection of Animals and Animal Products
  A-22.01 - The Apiaries Act, 2005
A-22.01 An Act respecting the Bee Industry
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  C-48 - The Crop Payments Act
C-48 An Act respecting Agreements for Payment to Vendors, Lessors and Others by Shares of Crops
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  D-30 - The Diseases of Animals Act
D-30 An Act respecting the Prevention and Control of Diseases among Animals
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  E-0.011 - The Economic and Co-operative Development Act
E-0.011 An Act respecting the Economic and Co-operative Development - formerly The Department of Economic Development Act, 1993(D-12.11)
  E-17 - The Expropriation (Rehabilitation Projects) Act
E-17 An Act to provide for the Acquisition of Land required for the Rehabilitation of Drought and Soil Drifting Areas
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  F-8.001 - The Farm Financial Stability Act
F-8.001 An Act to provide for the Financial Stability of Agriculture
  F-10 - The Farming Communities Land Act
F-10 An Act respecting Certain Lands held by Farming Communities
  F-13.4 - The Financial Administration Act, 1993
F-13.4 An Act respecting the Financial Administration of the Government of Saskatchewan
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  G-5.101 - The Government Relations Administration Act
G-5.101 An Act respecting Government Relations and making consequential amendments to certain Acts
  G-6 - The Grain Charges Limitation Act
G-6 An Act limiting Charges on Grain delivered to Elevators
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  I-14.1 - The Irrigation Act, 1996
I-14.1 An Act to Promote, Develop and Sustain Irrigation
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  L-9.001 - The Leafcutting Beekeepers Registration Act
L-9.001 An Act respecting the Registration of Leafcutting Beekeepers
  L-17 - The Line Fence Act
L-17 An Act respecting Boundary or Line Fences
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  M-29 - The Municipal Hail Insurance Act
M-29 An Act respecting Hail Insurance by Municipalities
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  P-4.1 - The Pastures Act
P-4.1 An Act respecting the Operation of Pastures and making consequential amendments to The Department of Agriculture Act
  P-7 - The Pest Control Act
P-7 An Act respecting the Control and Destruction of Certain Pests
  P-8 - The Pest Control Products (Saskatchewan) Act
P-8 An Act to Regulate and Control the Use, Distribution and Handling of Pesticides
  P-21.1 - The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute Act, 1999
P-21.1 An Act respecting the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute
  P-31.1 - The Provincial Lands Act, 2016
P-31.1 An Act respecting Provincial Lands, repealing certain Acts and making consequential amendments to certain Acts
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  S-2 - The Sale or Lease of Certain Lands Act
S-2 An Act respecting the Sale or Lease of Certain Lands belonging to Her Majesty
  S-17.1 - The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act
S-17.1 An Act to provide for Security for Saskatchewan Family Farms
  S-18 - The Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation Act
S-18 An Act to incorporate the Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation
  S-60 - The Stray Animals Act
S-60 An Act respecting the Restraining of Animals from Running at Large
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  V-5.1 - The Veterinarians Act, 1987
V-5.1 An Act respecting Veterinarians
  V-6 - The Veterinary Services Act
V-6 An Act respecting Veterinary Services in Rural Areas
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  W-11.1 - The Weed Control Act
W-11.1 An Act respecting Prohibited, Noxious and Nuisance Weeds and to make a consequential amendment to The Municipal Board Act
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