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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Pesticide Licences are annual licences. Once training has been obtained, the training is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, recertification of training is necessary for renewal of licence.

Product List
  Pesticide Applicators Licence
A commerical applicator is a person that applies pesticides for a fee or charge and includes persons that are paid a wage to apply pesticides. Pesticide Applicator's must renew their licenses annually before their anniversary date of issuance. Licence fee is $50 annually.
  Pesticide Service Licence
Companies or individuals that conduct pesticide applications as part of their service to clients for a fee, are required to hold a Pesticide Service Licence. The annual fee is $50.
  Pesticide Vendor Licence
A Pesticide Vendor is a person or business that sells or offers pesticides for sale to a end user. A Pesticide Vendor licence is valid until October 31 following the date of issuance and Vendors must renew their licences annually before October 31. Licence fee is $50 annually. Domestic products are exempt.