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  Adopt a Highway Litter Pickup Checklist
Preparing for litter pick up checklist
  Applications to Construct, Open or Operate a Railway
Provincially regulated railways are required to obtain authorization before beginning or altering operations. The guide is intended to assist provincial railways in applying for authorizations.
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  Building Move Vehicle Configuration Guide
Check the list of building move configurations including allowable axles weight for beams and dollies.
  Buying Land for Highway Construction
Buying land for highway construction brochure
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  Classification of Railways
Provincial railways are classified in order to help administer rail in Saskatchewan. Provincial inspection schedules, re-authorization periods, training and technical standards may vary for each class of railways.
Minimum clearance must be provided at all times to ensure safe rail operations. Areas with clearances less than shown in this standard must be marked as restricted clearance areas on the site and in the timetable.
  Community Airport Program & Application Guidelines
The goal of the Community Airport Partnership (CAP) program is for the ministry to provide capital contributions to airport infrastructure.
  Crossing Maintenance Responsibilities of Road Authorities & Railways
The maintenance and inspection of railways and crossings is a joint responsibility.
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  Exemption of Railways
Applying to become a a Railway exempt from The Railway Act
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  Fact Sheet: Transporting Oversize Farm Equipment
Agriculture equipment that is being transported on a designated highway may require an escort vehicle.
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  Grounding and Bonding Standards
Loading and transfer facilities where flammable liquids or compressed gases are transferred between rail cars and storage facilities must be properly grounded and bonded.
  Guide to Accident and Incident Reporting
Provincial Railway Guide for accident and incident reporting
  Guide to Saskatchewan Weight and Dimensions
A guide to Saskatchewan Weight and Dimension Regulations
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Information for moving an existing structure from one location to another and when it will require a permit.
  Movement of Haybales Rules
Find information on configurations and overweight permits for bale hauling.
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  Public Road Crossings
Before altering a public road crossing before construction or alteration of a crossing, an application must be submitted for approval to ensure it meets design, crossing protection and the planned maintenance complies with provincial standards.
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  Railway Insurance Guidelines
Provincial railways are required to obtain insurance and file certificates with the Highway Traffic Board.
  Road Restriction Calculator
Review the road restriction calculations for maximum "Axle Weights" and maximum "Gross Weights".
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  Setback PDF
Minimum setback lines on a provincial highway
  Sight Triangle PDF
See an example of a sight triangle
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  Truckers' Guide
This guide is published to make it easier to understand which organizations are responsible for the information you need.
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  Utility Crossings
A utility company must apply to the Minister for written approval to construct or alter a utility crossing before the construction or alteration of the crossing is underway. Applications submitted for approval will be checked to ensure they meet provincial standards.
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