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  Adoption Services Manual
This manual contains policies that guide the practice of adoption in Saskatchewan.
  Approved Private Service Homes Program - Proprietor's Reference Manual, October 2013
Serves as a reference guide in defining your role and responsibilities as an APSH Proprietors as well as those in the Ministry of Social Services. For further information, contact Jodi Harvey-Raymond at: 306-787-2788.
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  Child Care Subsidy Policy Manual
Policy Manual for Child Care Subsidy - December 2015
  Child Protection Manual
This manual provides the framework within which child protection services are delivered.
  Children's Services Manual
Children's Services Manual, Child and Family Services
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  Residential Services Manual
Residential services deliver mandated services to children in care.
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  Saskatchewan Assistance Program Policy Manual
Saskatchewan Assistance Program Policy Manual
  Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) Policy Manual
The SAID Policy Manual articulates Ministry policies, related to the delivery of the program under the authority of the regulations.
  Support Services to 16 and 17 Year Olds Manual
Policy and Procedures Manual - April 2014
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  The Incredible Parent Directory
Resources and Services for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals in Saskatoon and surrounding area
  The Structured Decision Making System (SDM®)
Policy and Procedures Manual for Child Protective Services - Improving Outcomes Through Research
  Transitional Employment Allowance Policy Manual
Transitional Employment Allowance Policy Manual
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  Youth Centred Manual
The Youth Centred Model builds upon the principles outlined in the Children’s Services Manual to provide a theoretical basis of parenting youth and encourages specific practices and tasks inherent in fulfilling the Ministry’s parental obligation.
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