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Post-Adoption - Forms and related information
Product List
  Adoption Application Reference Guide
Reference guide to assist the adoptive parents when applying to adopt children and youth in permanent legal care of the Minister of Social Services.
  Adoption in Saskatchewan factsheet
Various types of adoption in Saskatchewan
  Adoption Legal Requirements Guide
This guide is intended to assist legal professionals in meeting Saskatchewan’s legal requirements for adoption. It is neither comprehensive nor intended to provide legal advice.
  Adoption Services Manual
This manual contains policies that guide the practice of adoption in Saskatchewan.
  Birth Parent Services and Adoption Planning factsheet
Information on adoption planning and supports for birth parents who are thinking of placing their child for adoption.
  Independent Adoption Checklist
Independent Adoption Checklist (handled by a lawyer) Section 13 Pursuant to The Adoption Act, 1998
  Independent Adoption factsheet
This factsheet provides basic knowledge of the process for independent adoptions in Saskatchewan under The Adoption Act, 1998. This does not provide legal advice.
  Intercountry Adoption Booklet
This guide is intended to help applicants complete the Intercountry Adoption Application for Child Placement and Workbook, which is available through the Ministry from the Intercountry Adoption Worker.
  Saskatchewan Assisted Adoption Program factsheet
Supports wards formerly in permanent care of the Minister who are adopted.
  Step-parent Adoption Checklist
Step-parent Adoption - Section 23 Pursuant to The Adoption Act, 1998
  Step-Parent Adoption factsheet
Information for a step-parent wishing to adopt the birth child of a spouse or partner.