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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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  Policy Dialogue - Issue 12
"Policy Dialogue", a newsmagazine published by SIPP, is designed to provide timely, thought-provoking articles and commentaries on current local and national public policy issues with contributions from SIPP staff, SIPP Fellows, and policy analysts from across Canada.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 13
Articles in this issue: Media Presentation of Crime Statistics; The Supreme Court from the Outside; A Debate on Canadian Senators; Restorative Justice; and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 14
Articles in this issue include "You say nation, we say NATION: Questions with Dr. Antonia Maioni"; "The Constitution after 25 Years"; "Media Representation of Crime Statistics: Pt. II - For the Common Good"; "The Harper Government at One"; and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 15
Articles in this issue include: "Developing a Strong Constitution" by Howard Leeson, "Stripped Down Federalism: Questions for Al O'Brien" by Patricia W. Elliott, "Amending Dangerous Offender Legislation" by Fred Burch, and many more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 16
Articles in this issue include: The Clash Over the Nature of Environmental Limits, Multiculturalism Meets "Reasonable Accommodation", Accountability and Education, The American View of Canadian Health Care, Punishment in the Criminal Justice System, Curbing Impaired Driving and Workplace Injuries, and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 17
Articles in this issue include Medical Education and Public Policy, Water Governance in the Prairie Provinces, Essential Services in Saskatchewan, Primaries, Adaptation to Climate Change, and more.
  Policy Dialogue - Issue 18
This issue includes articles on childhood education and daycare, mental health planning and policy, hate speech, Question Period in the House of Commons, and more.