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Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Product List
  PCH Licensees’ Handbook
The Licensees’ Handbook contains important information about personal care home operators responsibilities (including care, management and administration of the home).
  Personal Care Home Complaint Reporting Form
Complaint form for Personal Care Homes. All complaints are reviewed by personal care home consultants.
  Personal Care Homes Licensees' Handbook
This handbook explains the requirements of The Personal Care Homes Act and will help you to manage your home according to these requirements.
  Selecting a Personal Care Home
How to select a personal care home.
  Specialized Procedures in Personal Care Homes
The Specialized Care Pamphlet describes responsibilities both for nurse professionals and personal care home licensees when a resident in a personal care home requires a specialized procedure.
  The Personal Care Home Regulations
The regulations that guide Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan.
  The Personal Care Home Reporting Regulations
The Personal Care Home Reporting Regulations that govern Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan.