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Results of Public Opinion Polling from 2008

Product List
  March 2008 - SATCC: Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative Program Evaluation Report
Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission: Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiatives Program Evaluation Report
  March 2008 – Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Survey
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Survey Results March 2008
  March 2008 – SaskMade Member Survey
SaskMade Member Survey
  March 2008 – SaskMade Survey
SaskMade Survey
  March 2008 – West Nile Virus Report
Telephone interviews were conducted with 1000 residents of Saskatchewan.
  May 2008 - Innovation Place Survey
Innovation Place Awareness Survey May 2008
  May 2008 – Omnibus Survey
The following report details the opinions of 406 Saskatchewan residents who responded in full to the questionnaire. The report is divided amongst questions pertaining to: Saskatchewan Finance, Saskatchewan Environment, Saskatchewan Community Resources, Saskatchewan Health, and Saskatchewan Advanced Education and Employment.
  November 2008 - Saskatchewan Fire Awareness Survey
Saskatchewan Fire Awareness Survey Research Report