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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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  Integrated Case Management
This manual is written for human service providers (social workers, health, justice and community workers) to help them integrate their activities and to help them better serve clients with multiple or complex needs.
  Interagency Projects
This guide is part of the Human Services Handbook Series. It is a step by step guide to program evaluation and gives practical ideas about ways to evaluate.
  Sharing Information
Sharing Information to Improve Services for Children, Youth and Families has been developed to encourage and support human service providers in sharing information among one another.
  Working Together
The ideas in Human Services - Working Together have been shaped by 8 key Saskatchewan government initiatives:
  • Saskatchewan's Action Plan for Children
  • Integrated School-Linked Services
  • Aboriginal Policy Framework
  • Health Renewal
  • Justice 2001
  • Family Violence Strategy
  • Sport and Recreation Strategy
  • Housing Initiatives
  Working with Communities
This booklet responds to requests for information and support from human service providers across the province.