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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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  Apprenticeship Policy
Students pursuing apprenticeship credits must have prior approval to begin the work for which s/he will receive credit.
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  Course Challenge Process Policy and Procedures
This policy recognizes that some students are able to demonstrate a high level of achievement of the learning outcomes of a particular course without spending the required hours enrolled in the course.
  Credit Recovery Policy
This policy provides broad guidance regarding Credit Recovery allowing school divisions/schools to make decisions about many of the detailed or exceptional circumstances.
  Credit Transfer Guide
Credit Transfer Guide Saskatchewan Secondary Education
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  Discoverer Viewer User Manual
This manual provides information for users of the Discoverer Viewer application for SDS.
  Dual Credit Policy
Post-secondary institutions such as universities, colleges, polytechnic institutions and other entities offering a structured education program, certification or training may apply to have courses recognized for dual credit.
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  High School Credit Options - Educators
This document explains a Saskatchewan High School Grade 12 program standing, what is required and where students have choices. It is a compilation of secondary level course options and the supporting policies and documents. It also identifies opportunities to earn secondary level course credits in non-traditional ways, career planning tools and post-secondary funding options.
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  Presiding Officers’ Manual
Presiding Officers’ Manual (link to Blackboard)
  Prior Learning Credit - Adult 12 Program
The prior learning credit is intended to acknowledge those adults returning to pursue an Adult 12 who bring sufficient learning experience to be recognized for a high school elective level 30 credit.
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  Security Administration Guide SDS and NIPA
This guide provides policy and procedures for those who have been assigned the Division Security Administrator’s Role.
  Special Project Credit Policy
Students seeking credit recognition for out-of-school initiatives on the basis of work proposed and completed must have prior approval.
  Summer School Policy
This policy will provide guidance for the development of local policies and procedures to assist students in acquiring credits in Summer School programs offered during the months of July and August.
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