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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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  Northern Trader: The Last Days of the Fur Trade
First published in 1956, Northern Trader is a historically valuable, intimately personal and vividly expressed memoir of the last days of the fur trade. A gifted writer, Harold Kemp recounts the routines and rhythms of that long-lost way of life.
  Overlooking Saskatchewan: Mind the Gap
In Overlooking Saskatchewan, twenty writers articulate the challenges and the power of the Saskatchewan identity, while revealing how the citizens of Saskatchewan continue to lead the way in the creation of culture and innovation.
  Settling Saskatchewan
In Settling Saskatchewan, author Alan Anderson expertly identifies and explains the patterns of immigration and settlement in the province and further enlightens us on the many peoples who now comprise its extraordinarily diverse cultural mosaic. They came from all parts of the world, from all walks of lifeā€”and they continue to come today. Together with the indigenous aboriginal population, they have made Saskatchewan what it is.
  Towards a Prairie Atonement
This book's lyrical blend of personal narrative, prairie history, imagery, and argument begins with the cause of protecting native grassland on community pastures. As the narrative unfolds, however, Herriot finds himself recruited into the work of reconciliation.