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  Art of Immersive Soundscapes
What is an immersive soundscape? It can be as simple as a recording made in a forest: leaves crunching underfoot, birds chirping, a squirrel chattering. Or it can be as complex as a movie soundtrack, which involves music but also uses many other sounds—to set the mood for the action and to literally put the viewer in the picture. Sound art defies categorization, and artists using this medium describe their work in many different ways: as sound installations, audio art, radio art, and music.
  Clearing a Path:New ways of seeing traditional Indigenous art
In 2005, as part of the province's centennial celebrations, the Saskatchewan Arts Board contracted Sherry Farrell Racette and Carmen Robertson to curate an exhibition which would bring together a diverse group of contemporary artists working in traditional Indigenous media.
  Finding McLuhan
An exciting collection... Its authors make rich, well-researched, and consistent contributions to both long-standing and contemporary debates about McLuhan." - Michael Darroch, associate professor of Media Art Histories & Visual Culture, University of Windsor and Director of IN/TERMINUS: Media, Art, and Urban Ecologies Fifty years ago, Tom Wolfe asked this now famous question of Marshall McLuhan: "what if he is right?" In Finding McLuhan, his biographer, his sons, and sixteen scholars explore the many ways in which he was, indeed, right. Engaging with McLuhan's remarkable legacy, they offer relevant and timely insights into his theories. The volume concludes with interviews with Douglas Coupland, Eric McLuhan, and Michael McLuhan, who provide intimate glimpses into McLuhan as friend, colleague, husband, and father.
  First in Canada: An Aboriginal Book of Days
First in Canada is a unique expression of the many accomplishments Indigenous Canadians have made to Canadian society. As beautiful as it is informative, this perpetual calendar is a glimpse of 10,000 years in 365 days!
In August and September 2006, dozens of artists came together at the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site to present Crossfiring/Mama Wetotan. The community-based event included a sound and installation exhibit featuring the work of over 20 artists and a large-scale site-specific performance involving 30 more artists.
  The Vaults: Art from the Mackenzie Art Gallery and the University of Regina Collections
Built upon an impressive collection of paintings and drawings of the Italian Renaissance, and antiquities of Asia and the Middle East, the galleries were established by the idiosyncratic, but brilliant, Norman MacKenzie, who wanted his beloved city of Regina to share in his passion.