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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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  620 Wild Plants of North America
Naturalists, birders, students, teachers, conservationists, environmental consultants, wildlife biologists and botanists—amateur and professional alike—will find this picture book of plant anatomy to be an invaluable reference alongside local floras and field guides.
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  Architecture of Saskatchewan: A Visual Journey, 1930-2011
Architecture of Saskatchewan is a visual journey from the 1930s to the present,illustrating and explaining the evolution of architecture in the province and offering a guide to the architectural styles of the period. The publication of the book celebrates and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Saskatchewan Association of Architecture.
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  Boiling Point and Cold Cases: More Saskatchewan Crime Stories
Reconstructed from court transcripts, these all-too-true stories expose the greed, desperation, and inhumanity living just down the street and around the corner.
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  Canoeing the Churchill: A Practical Guide to the Historic Voyageur Highway
Updated and now back in print, this cherished classic is an invaluable resource for paddlers preparing to face the challenges of Canada's old fur trade highway while offering an exhilarating trek into the past for the armchair voyageur.
  Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in Saskatchewan: An assessment of the first decade
In 1995, Saskatchewan became the first province in Canada to enact legislation specifically designed to provide civil redress for domestic violence. Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in Saskatchewan evaluates the significance and ef­ficacy of The Victims of Domestic Violence Act in relation to its known or likely objectives over the first decade or so of its operation.
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  Defying Palliser: Stories of Resilience from the Driest Region ofthe Canadian Prairies
Defying Palliser presents interviews with farmers and ranchers from southwest Saskatchewan and southeast Alberta, residents in the Palliser Triangle telling in their own words how they have managed to defy Palliser’s prediction.
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  Fists Upon a Star
Fists upon a Star is the hard-hitting memoir of Florence James, a pioneering American theatre director, whose devastating experience with McCarthyism led her to flee to Canada. The memoir is as epic as America itself. Born in 1892 in the frontier society of Idaho, she became a suffragette in New York City, was the first to put Jimmy Cagney on stage, and along with her husband, Burton, founded the Negro Repertory Theater and the nationally recognized Seattle Repertory Playhouse. With star appearances by Woody Guthrie and Helen Hayes, the memoir beautifully illustrates the evolution in her personal life and the development of professional theater during the Great Depression, World War II, and the McCarthy period.
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  Health Care in Saskatchewan: An Analyt
In Health Care in Saskatchewan, the authors explain how health services are organized, financed, and delivered in the province. Throughout, Saskatchewan is systematically compared to other provinces in terms of services, spending and outcomes. Marchildon and O’Fee carefully analyse the provincial health system so that health care professionals, policy-makers, managers and students get an integrated view of health care in Saskatchewan.
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  Inside the Ark: The Hutterites in Canada and the United States(New Edition)
As the authors note in this new edition, "it is easy to find fault with any social organization, less easy to analyze it from a dispassionate standpoint." In this award-winning book, they offer a thoughtful and thorough analysis of Hutterite society and seek to understand a complex and often misunderstood community.
  Inside the Mental
Before she became a psychiatric nurse at "The Mental" in the 1950s, Kay Parley was a patient there, as were the father she barely remembered and the grandfather she'd never met. Part memoir, part history, and beautifully written, Inside The Mental offers an episodic journey into the stigma, horror, and redemption that she found within the institution's walls. Now in her nineties, Parley looks back at the emerging use of group therapy, the advent of patients' rights, evolving ethics in psychiatry, and the amazing cast of characters she met there. She also reveals her role in groundbreaking experiments with LSD, pioneered by the world's leading researchers at "The Mental" to treat addiction and mental illness.
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  Manitoba Premiers of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Manitoba's long history of conflict, and the impact that has had on the rest of Canada, is revealed in these political biographies of the province's first eighteen premiers.
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  On the Frontier
First published more than twenty years ago as My Dear Maggie, this new edition of William Wallace's letters home to England provides rare documentation of the earliest days of settlement in the West. The correspondence conveys a sense of unspoken courage--the courage that was needed to make a fresh start in a strange new land.
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  Paper Cows: and More Saskatchewan Crime Stories
In their second collection of Saskatchewan true crime stories, Pacholik and Pruden uncover a number of little-known or long-forgotten tales from Saskatchewan's history, including chilling homicides, daring robberies, shocking frauds—and even a suicide bombing and an airplane hijacking. From the first execution to the never-before-revealed details of one of Canada's largest drug busts, from frozen gold to poisoned porridge, Paper Cows is guaranteed to surprise, shock and fascinate.
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  Saskatchewan Sports: Lives Past and Present
This volume features biographies of 241 of the most accomplished athletes and significant builders of sport in Saskatchewan, the most familiar and most famous – Gordie Howe, George Reed, Sandra Schmirler.
  Sour Milk and Other Saskatchewan Crime Stories
Compiled by Regina Leader-Post crime and court reporters Barb Pacholik and Jana Pruden, this volume contains accounts of 40 unique crime stories that have taken place in Saskatchewan over the course of the past century. Some of the stories have all but faded from memory, while others are still vivid in our minds. But, from the macabre to the murderous, from the bloody to the bizarre, from the sordid to the sensational, all are guaranteed to make both fascinating and entertaining reading.
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  The Early Northwest
The Early Northwest has articles on "Early Aboriginal History", "The Fur Trade", "Rupert's Land and Red River", and "Resistance and 'Rebellion'".
  The Patriation Minutes
In November 1981, at the height of the nation’s constitutional crisis, the First Ministers assembled in Ottawa to seek an agreement. These are the minutes not taken.
  The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors
In The Surprising Lives of Small-Town Doctors, physicians put down their stethoscopes and pick up their pens to share some of the most frightening and pivotal moments of their careers.
  The Vaults: Art from the Mackenzie Art Gallery and the University of Regina Collections
Built upon an impressive collection of paintings and drawings of the Italian Renaissance, and antiquities of Asia and the Middle East, the galleries were established by the idiosyncratic, but brilliant, Norman MacKenzie, who wanted his beloved city of Regina to share in his passion.
  Thirty Years of Journalism & Democracy in Canada, The Minifie Lectures,1981-2010
The Minifie Lectures, 1981-2010 is an intriguing glimpse into the inner life of the press corps; as such, it will be an essential guide for journalists and media reform movements alike in the years ahead.This collection serves as a chronicle of the re-invention of Canada, and of Canadian journalism, over the last three decades.
  Thugs,Thieves and Outlaws: Alberta Crime Stories
Chronicled in these pages are many of the Alberta’s most notorious killers and outlaws from the past century: train robbers, a homicidal hired hand, prisoners of war, cannibals, kidnappers, and more. Witness the moment when Peter Pocklington has a .357 magnum held to his head. Be there when Wiebo Ludwig “terrorizes” northwestern Alberta… when a Lethbridge city councillor fabricates a story of being stalked, drugged, abducted and sexually assaulted… when four RCMP officers are gunned down at Mayerthorpe.
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