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  Askel Sanemose and Canada: A Scandinavian Writer's Perception of the Canadian Prairies in the 1920's
In 1927 Sandemose made a trip to western Canada, sponsored in part by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The idea was that he would write about conditions inthe Danish settlements there and consider the advantages of immigrating to the country.
  Practical Utopians: The Lives and Writings of Ed and Will Paynter
Ed and Will Paynter have been described as visionaries. Coming to adulthood at the turbulent end of the Victorian age, they were Canadians who had a different vision from the majority of their contemporaries. Instead of a liberal world of economic individualism, or a Darwinian struggle for economic existence, they saw a New Jerusalem, a utopia characterized by cooperation rather than competition.
  Saskatchewan Writers: Lives Past and Present
More than 175 biographies in this volume together tell the story of writing in Saskatchewan.
  Writing Addiction: Towards a Poetics of Desire and Its Others
The history of literature is replete with substance-dependent writers and "Writing Addiction" considers the relationship between writing and addiction.