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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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  620 Wild Plants of North America
Naturalists, birders, students, teachers, conservationists, environmental consultants, wildlife biologists and botanists—amateur and professional alike—will find this picture book of plant anatomy to be an invaluable reference alongside local floras and field guides.
  Aboriginal Consultation, Environmental Assessment, and Regulatory Review in Canada
Supreme Court of Canada decisions have defined a general framework for the “duty to consult” Aboriginal peoples and accommodate their concerns over natural resource development, but anticipate the details of that framework will be expanded upon in the future. Aboriginal Consultation, Environmental Assessment, and Regulatory Review in Canada offers a paradigm that advances that discussion.
  Changing Prairie Landscapes
Multidisciplinary research has become an important tool in identifying the influences that human activities have, not only on cultural landscapes but on biophysical ones as well. This collection of articles, originating in a conference held at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in April 2000, focuses on just such an integration of research concerning the Great Plains of North America and involving the disciplines of geology, archaeology, biology, geography, sociology, and agriculture.
  Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in Saskatchewan: An assessment of the first decade
In 1995, Saskatchewan became the first province in Canada to enact legislation specifically designed to provide civil redress for domestic violence. Civil Domestic Violence Legislation in Saskatchewan evaluates the significance and ef­ficacy of The Victims of Domestic Violence Act in relation to its known or likely objectives over the first decade or so of its operation.
  Health Care in Saskatchewan: An Analyt
In Health Care in Saskatchewan, the authors explain how health services are organized, financed, and delivered in the province. Throughout, Saskatchewan is systematically compared to other provinces in terms of services, spending and outcomes. Marchildon and O’Fee carefully analyse the provincial health system so that health care professionals, policy-makers, managers and students get an integrated view of health care in Saskatchewan.
  I Thought Pocahontas Was A Movie
This collection of essays arising out of the unique Prairie context interrogates how professionals practicing in law, education, health and other helping professions engage with issues of race and culture.
  nêhiýawewin/Cree, itwêwina/Words
This two-volume Cree dictionary documents the Cree language. It provides both a guide to its spoken form for non-speakers and a guide to its written forms (both SRO and Syllabics) for speakers and non-speakers alike.
  Passion for Action in Child and Family Services: Voices from the Prairies
Grounded in practice and arising out of the unique Prairie context, this is a fresh perspective on issues in child and family services in Canada.
  Saskatchewan: Geographic Perspectives
Saskatchewan: Geographic Perspectives is Saskatchewan's first comprehensive geography textbook. Its major sections cover these themes: Physical Geography, Historical and Cultural Geography, Population and Settlement, and Economic Geography.