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  Alberta Premiers of the Twentieth Century
This is a collection of biographical essays on the twelve premiers who led the province of Alberta during the twentieth century
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  Canada's Wheat King: The Life and Times of Seager Wheeler
Seager Wheeler was North America's most celebrated wheat developer, whose varieties in the 1920's made up 40 percent of the world's wheat exports, and contributed wealth to most facets of the Canadian economy.
  Clearing a Path:New ways of seeing traditional Indigenous art
In 2005, as part of the province's centennial celebrations, the Saskatchewan Arts Board contracted Sherry Farrell Racette and Carmen Robertson to curate an exhibition which would bring together a diverse group of contemporary artists working in traditional Indigenous media.
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  Finding McLuhan
An exciting collection... Its authors make rich, well-researched, and consistent contributions to both long-standing and contemporary debates about McLuhan." - Michael Darroch, associate professor of Media Art Histories & Visual Culture, University of Windsor and Director of IN/TERMINUS: Media, Art, and Urban Ecologies Fifty years ago, Tom Wolfe asked this now famous question of Marshall McLuhan: "what if he is right?" In Finding McLuhan, his biographer, his sons, and sixteen scholars explore the many ways in which he was, indeed, right. Engaging with McLuhan's remarkable legacy, they offer relevant and timely insights into his theories. The volume concludes with interviews with Douglas Coupland, Eric McLuhan, and Michael McLuhan, who provide intimate glimpses into McLuhan as friend, colleague, husband, and father.
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  Payepot and His People
Payepot and His People was first published serially by The Western Producer. In 1957 it was published in book form by the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society. Abel Watetch was a nephew of Chief Payepot and a veteran of World War I. As noted in the introduction to the 1957 edition, Watetch had earlier set down in "fine, clear handwriting" the previously unwritten history of his people, having "assembled many of the recollections of his kin to 'set the record right'." These writings were the basis of the story told here, supplemented by further recollections by Watetch and his friend, Chief Sitting Eagle Changing Position (Harry Ball), documented either on tape or through written correspondence.
  Practical Utopians: The Lives and Writings of Ed and Will Paynter
Ed and Will Paynter have been described as visionaries. Coming to adulthood at the turbulent end of the Victorian age, they were Canadians who had a different vision from the majority of their contemporaries. Instead of a liberal world of economic individualism, or a Darwinian struggle for economic existence, they saw a New Jerusalem, a utopia characterized by cooperation rather than competition.
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  Saskatchewan Agriculture: Lives Past and Present
In the province known as "the bread basket of the world," agriculture is the culture which for over a century has provided the context for life in Saskatchewan.
  Saskatchewan Politicians: Lives Past and Present
More than 275 biographies of Saskatchewan politicians.
  Saskatchewan Premiers of the Twentieth Century
This is a collection of biographical essays on the twelve premiers who led the province of Saskatchewan during the twentieth century.
  Saskatchewan Sports: Lives Past and Present
This volume features biographies of 241 of the most accomplished athletes and significant builders of sport in Saskatchewan, the most familiar and most famous – Gordie Howe, George Reed, Sandra Schmirler.
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  The Identities of Marie Rose Delorme Smith
This book relates the history and self-identifying process of a Métis woman who lived on the western plains of Canada during the transitional period from fur trade to sedentary agricultural economy.
  Thirty Years of Journalism & Democracy in Canada, The Minifie Lectures,1981-2010
The Minifie Lectures, 1981-2010 is an intriguing glimpse into the inner life of the press corps; as such, it will be an essential guide for journalists and media reform movements alike in the years ahead.This collection serves as a chronicle of the re-invention of Canada, and of Canadian journalism, over the last three decades.
  Time Will Say Nothing
In April,2006, Canadian-Iranian philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo was waiting at the airport in Tehran for a flight to Brussels. He had arrived early, knowing he would be double-checked by security, something that had become almost routine for him. But on this day the routine was broken and missing his flight became the least of his worries.
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