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Monday, October 23, 2017
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  Application for Grant Approval
The formal application by a northern municipality for a Northern Capital Grant project (each project requires a separate application process).
  Application for Grant Payment
A northern municipality uses this form to apply for either interim of final grant payment of a Northern Capital Grant project.
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  Canada - Saskatchewan Infrastructure Program - Application Form
Using this application form, municipalities may apply for funding under the Canada-Saskatchewan Infrastructure Program.
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  Five Year Capital Works Plan
To outline a community's 5-year capital works plan showing, in order of priority, the various capital projects to be undertaken by a municipality during the 5 years covered in the capital plan. It also indicates the proposed sources and uses of funding.
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  Municipal Transit Assitance For People With Disabilities Program
When applying for a new service vehicle, municipality not currently participating in Transit for Disabled Program, replacement vehicle, expansion vehicle, vehicle refurbishment or accessories, transit studies, construction or demonstration.
  Municipal Transit Assitance For People With Disabilities Program
Form D is to be completed when applying for operating assistance. Applications may be submitted either annually or quarterly.
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  Nomination form - Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal
Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal - nomination form
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  Project Detail Analysis
Outlines for the consideration of a northern coucil, major details of a planned project such as estimated cost, proposed financing, and its impact on future operating revenue and expenditures.
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  Saskatchewan Distinguished Service Award - Nomination Form
Established in 1997, the Saskatchewan Distinguished Service Award provides official recognition by the Government of Saskatchewan of persons from outside the province who have made significant contributions to the well being of Saskatchewan and its residents.
  Saskatchewan Order of Merit - Nomination Form
Established in 1985, the Saskatchewan Order of Merit is a prestigious recognition of excellence, achievement and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well being of the province and its residents.
  Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal - Nomination Award
In 1995, the Government of Saskatchewan established a decoration to recognize the volunteer sector on the occasion of the province's 90th anniversary: the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal.
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