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  Guide de transition des élèves
Guide de transition des élèves - Soutien aux nouveaux élèves : un guide pour les écoles
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  Jouer et explorer: guide du programme d’apprentissage pour la petite enfance (2008)
Jouer et explorer: guide du programme d’apprentissage pour la petite enfance (2008)
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  Odyssey Program 2016-17 Request Form
This form is the Odyssey Program Requesting Form for full-time language assistants
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  Student Cumulative Record Guidelines
This guide provides information that boards of education, the Conseil scolaire fransaskois and other educational authorities may use to establish procedures for the creation, maintenance, storage and transfer of Cumulative Records.
  Student Cumulative Record Guidelines (FR)
Dossier scolaire cumulatif Lignes directrices
  Student Exchange Saskatchewan-Quebec 2016-17 Request to Participate Form
(School Division)
  Student Transitions Guide
Student Transitions Guide – Supporting New Students in Your School: A Guide for Schools
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  Teacher Classification in Saskatchewan
A guide for school divisions and le conseil scolaire. Updated May 2018.
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  Virtual Exchange Guidelines
This document provides information on international virtual classroom exchange opportunities.
  Virtual Exchange Guidelines (FR)
Lignes directrices sur les échanges virtuels
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