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Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Publications Centre
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Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Maps & Photos
    ISC distributes a wide variety of hard copy and digital maps, aerial photos, satellite and ortho images, as well as cadastral and topographic datasets.
  • Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) Forms
    The Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) provides an easy and convenient way to search and register interests (liens) against personal property, giving you peace of mind as a buyer or lender.
  • Land Titles
    The Land Titles Registry issues titles to land and registers transactions affecting titles, including changes of ownership and registration of interests against land.
  • Surviving Joint Tenant Transfers
    When a title has joint tenants and one or more of the tenants is deceased, an Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant is required to have a new title set up in the names of the surviving owner(s).
  • Alternate Authority Applications
    Use the Application for Alternate Authority for a title owner or interest holder who is a child, dependent adult, person with property co-decision maker, or a company in liquidation. The form can be used for either adding or removing an alternate authority.