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All Forms for 'Environment'
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  00.0 SSF - Approved, Non-Ministry SDSPs - Fillable
This form is to be submitted within five days of completing a non-ministry Species Detection Survey.
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  30 Day Written Spill Report Form
This report ensures timely reporting of discharges that may cause or have caused adverse effects, and collects appropriate details about the discharge.
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  Academic Loadform April 2017
Use this Microsoft Excel form to submit Saskatchewan Academic Species Detection data to the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC).
  Amphibian Translocation Loadform April 2017
Use this Microsoft Excel form to submit Amphibian Translocation data to the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC).
  Application for an Outfitter's Licence
To buy an outfitting business: If you wish to buy all or part of an existing outfitting service, contact the provincial licensing specialist or call 306-953-2518 before making purchase arrangements.
  Application of Surviving Joint Tenant Lease, Permit or Wild Rice
For the surviving joint tenant to assume deceased joint tenant's share of the property.
  Approved Reclamation Technology Application
Use this form to apply for an evaluation of a technology under the Reclamation Technology Standard.
  Assignment of Lease as Collateral Security
This form is to be completed by both the lessee and the lending institute when financial assistance is required pertaining to leased property on Crown land.
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  Breeding Bird Survey Point Count Map
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  Captive Wildlife Permit for Falconry Purposes
Apply for a Captive Wildlife Permit for falconry purposes.
  Capture of Wild Raptors
Fill out this form if you want to capture wild raptors.
  Closure Report and Application for Notice of Site Condition (NSC)
Closure Report and Application for Notice of Site Condition (NSC): The Closure Report and Application for Notice of Site Condition document is required upon completion of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and must verify that the risk remaining at a site meets the criteria identified in the CAP.
  Commercial and Industrial Proposal - Additional Information
Completion of this form provides supplemental information for the Application for Crown Land Disposition.
  Commercial Tourism Proposal - Additional Information
Completion of this form provides supplementary information for the Application for Crown Land Disposition. Ecotourism accreditation is not required but may be beneficial.
  Competitive Fishing Event Application
Submit a completed form to the Ministry of Environment for review 30 days prior to the date of the event, if your competitive fishing event does not meet standard requirements. A copy of your event rules must be attached to the submitted email.
  Competitive Fishing Event Notification
Disclose the type of event that you are holding and the type of fish that are eligible for your event.
  Competitive Fishing Event Summary
Submit a summary of event including number of anglers, location, type of event and total number of fish per species.
  Construct or Upgrade and Operate a Storage Facility
An application for approval to construct a new or upgrad an existing storage facility in accordance with the Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  Corrective Action Plan
Corrective Action Plan (CAP) should provide general information, facility and site information, assessment criteria/ objectives with respect to the governing pathway and remediation/management plans.
  Crown Land Disposition – Lease or Permit
This form is used to apply for a new disposition on Crown land, for all types of land uses EXCEPT wild rice permits and park land commercial leases. Supplemental application forms may be necessary for some development. For additional information click on More Information below.
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  Decommission a Storage Facility
This application is used when applying for Approval to Decommission a Storage Facility or when applying to decommission a portion of a storage facility which may include a warehouse, yard, storage tank, container, stockpile or equipment used for the storage and handling of hazardous substances and waste dangerous goods at an existing site.
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  Environmental File Search Application
Please complete an application form for each site in order that the Environmental Protection Branch can effectively respond to your request. A file search is the examination of hardcopy files for more information then may be contained in the SaskSpills database or the Hazardous Material Storage (SHMS) spreadsheet. NOTE: The completeness of information supplied will affect the accuracy of the file search. Applications without a Spill/Incident Number for a spill or an Operation ID Number for SHMS will be returned to the sender without a search being conducted.
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  Falconry Import/Export
This is required if you wish to import or export a raptor for the purposes of falconry.
  File Search and Freedom of Information Request
Information on this form is collected under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and The Health Information Protection Act and will be used or disclosed only as necessary to respond to your request.
  Fur Dealers Licence Application
Fill out this form if you want to buy fur. Current year trapping licence numbers must be recorded on all purchase transactions. Trappers must have a licence to sell fur. Any infraction of The Wildlife Act, 1997 and Regulations, 1999 under the Act, may result in the immediate cancellation of any licence issued, without further notice.
  FWDF Final Report Form
Successful recipients of FWDF funding are required to complete this form in order to receive the final 15 per cent of the funding.
  FWDF Funding Application
Apply for funding for projects related to fish, wildlife, fur and habitat projects.
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  Historical Discovery Report
This report requires the person reporting to have detailed information about the discovery. More details enclosed.
  Hunt With or Assist Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter
Fill out this application to hunt with or assist a Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter. This application is an agreement to hunt wildlife for food.
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  Mount and Retain - Statutory Declaration
This declaration is required for wildlife mount and retain permits.
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  Purchase Crown Resource Land
Use this form to purchase Crown resource land.
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  Qualified Persons Certificate Form
This form is to be used by a qualified person when providing an opinion to the minister on aspects such as an environmental protection plan, environmental sampling, operating plan or design plan under the Saskatchewan Environmental Code.
  Quit Claim
Use this form to remove interest in an expired disposition.
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  Request for Assignment - Lease, Permit or Wild Rice Licence
This form is to be completed by two parties wishing to negotiate a sell/buy transaction for improvement(s) on Crown land.
  Request for Fire Suppression Assistance
  Research Permit in the Saskatchewan Provincial Park System Form
Research Permit-in the Saskatchewan Provincial Park System. In this form you will need to list the project name, the project description, and so forth.
  Research Permit – Academic Research Application
In this form you will list the personnel involved, a description of the project, wildlife research details and more.
  Research Permit – Bird Banding Application
In this form you will need to list the personnel that will be working on this project, the project description and more.
  Research Permit – Species Detection Application
This form contains a checklist of supporting documentation that is required.
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  Sale of Wildlife
Fill out this form if you want to sell wildlife. We require the type and origin of the wildlife to be sold, and how the wildlife was obtained.
  Special Authorization for a Hunter with Disabilities
Fill out this form to apply for a disability permit. Please include applicant information, medical information, and read the conditions for obtaining the permit.
  Species Detection Loadform April 2017
Use this Microsoft Excel form to submit Saskatchewan Species Detection data to the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC).
  Statutory Declaration for Lost Lease
Use this form to replace a lease that has been lost or destroyed.
  Student Research Awards Application Form
Apply for student research awards funding.
  Surrender of an Outfitter's Licence
To sell your outfitting business: An outfitter licence is not transferable. Outfitters wishing to sell their business must surrender their licence to the Ministry of Environment. Prospective purchasers may then apply for the licence, which may be awarded, subject to eligibility requirements and an allocation review.
  Surrender of Disposition Lease, Permit or Wild Rice Licence
This form will help you to surrender a disposition lease, permit or wild rice licence.
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  Telemetry Loadform April 2017
Use this Microsoft Excel form to submit Telemetry data to the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC).
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  Visual Site Assessment (VSA) Checklist
The VSA is intended as method to address minor or uncomplicated impacts and provides a reasonable assessment approach where a detailed environmental site assessment is not warranted.
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  Wild Rice - Application for Permit or Licence
This form is used to apply for a wild rice permit or licence to cultivate and harvest wild rice.
  Wildlife Import/Export
Fill out this permit if you want to import or export wildlife. You will need to include the species, quantity, sex and description of the wildlife you wish to import/export, transportation methods and more.
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