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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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  • C.B.6/16
    C.B. 6/16 Cameron and Jane Kerr Section 77, 78 and 79 Rental Review Application - Wellsite – 2.99 acre Crop Loss: $40.00 per acre; SAN - $875.00 Costs – $500.00
  • C.B.2/17
    Husky Oil Operations Limited v Rodney Wayne Ferguson and Margaret Rose Ferguson Set Compensation payable pursuant to E.B. 31/14 (4.13 acres) Land Value: $918.75 per acre. Loss of Use: $375.00/acre Costs: $18,690.57
  • C.B.1/16
    Ruaben v. Husky Oil Operations Set compensation for rental reviews (3) Crop Loss: $250.00 per acre; Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance: $1,800.00; Cumulative Effect: $125.00 Costs: $800.00
  • C.B.01/06
    Encana Corporation v. Kerr Set compensation on a wellsite addition pursuant to E.B. 11/04 $1,000.00 one time payment for general disturbance and $300.00 annual rental to Dorothy Kerr for surface rights required for a second well on a existing site. $903.80 First Year to Cameron and Jane Kerr and annual rental of $415.00 for wellsite addition. Costs - $200.00 to Cameron and Jane Kerr
  • Negotiating Surface Rights
    This bulletin is designed to provide farmers with a range of information to aid them in negotiating a satisfactory surface lease or easement with an exploration and development company.