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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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All Forms for 'Labour Relations and Workplace Safety'
  Anonymous Employment Standards Complaint Form
You can make an Anonymous Complaint with the Employment Standards Division if you believe The Saskatchewan Employment Act is not being followed. Problems are usually corrected on a “go-forward” basis, to ensure that from this point on that the provisions of the Act will be followed in the workplace.
  Averaging of Hours Permit Application
This permit allows an employer to average the hours of work of an employee or group of employees work over a period of weeks. Modified work arrangements can be negotiated with an employee or group of employees for up to 12 hours in a day or 160 hours in 4 weeks. Where a shift cycle requires a longer day or a longer period of averaging, an employer, with the support of a majority of the employees, can apply for an averaging permit from the Director of Employment Standards. (Section 2-20).
  Formal Employment Standards Complaint Form
If you believe your employer failed to meet the employment standards set out in Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, you can file a formal complaint with the Employment Standards Division. This form must be used to claim unpaid wages.
  Modèle du formulaire de consentement du parent ou du tuteur
Avant d’embaucher un jeune travailleur de 14 ou 15 ans, l’employeur doit obtenir la permission écrite d’un parent ou d’un tuteur ainsi qu’une copie du Certificat d’achèvement du YWRCC. L’autorisation d’un seul parent ou tuteur est nécessaire. Il n’y a pas un formulaire de consentement en particulier. Le présent formulaire est un modèle qui peut être utilisé.
  OHC Minute Form (Fillable PDF)
Occupational health committee (OHC) meeting minutes are summaries of meetings and must be taken at every OHC meeting.
  OHC Minute Form (Word)
Occupational health committee (OHC) meeting minutes are summaries of meetings and must be taken at every OHC meeting.
  One Day's Rest in Seven Permit Application
This application requests for authorization to vary the rule that employees who work more than 20 hours per week get one day off per week (subsection 2-11).
  Sample Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Young Workers
An employer must have written permission from a 14 or 15 year old worker's parent or guardian along with their YWRCC Certificate of Completion before they are hired. The consent of only one parent or guardian is required.