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Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Publications Centre
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Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Rights and Responsibilities: A Guide to Employment Standards in Saskatchewan Under The Saskatchewan Employment Act
    An overview of Saskatchewan's employment standards legislation under The Saskatchewan Employment Act for employers and employees.
  • Formal Employment Standards Complaint Form
    If you believe your employer failed to meet the employment standards set out in Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, you can file a formal complaint with the Employment Standards Division. This form must be used to claim unpaid wages.
  • Elements of an Occupational Health Safety Program
    This guide explains what information must be included in an an occupational health and safety program (a definite plan of action, designed for each specific workplace to prevent incidents and occupational disease).
  • Averaging of Hours Permit Application
    This permit allows an employer to average the hours of work of an employee or group of employees work over a period of weeks. Modified work arrangements can be negotiated with an employee or group of employees for up to 12 hours in a day or 160 hours in 4 weeks. Where a shift cycle requires a longer day or a longer period of averaging, an employer, with the support of a majority of the employees, can apply for an averaging permit from the Director of Employment Standards. (Section 2-20).
  • First Aid in Saskatchewan Workplaces Guide
    This guide provides information about the first aid requirements, the supplies to be included in a first aid box and the recommended quantity per number of workers, and other requirements bases on Class A and Class B qualifications.