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Sunday, February 26, 2017
Publications Centre

Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide
    This publication gives detailed information regarding guidelines for machine ownership, operating costs, custom rates and rental rates for farm machinery.
  • Land Rental Arrangements
    Provides management information and guidelines for the landlord and tenant when negotiating a rental agreement.
  • Crop Planning Guide 2017 - Complete Version
    This Guide does not represent actual provincial average cost of production figures. Actual costs and yields on each farm will differ due to the age, amount and type of equipment, the selection of crop protection products and other inputs used, agronomic practices, soil class and weather conditions.
  • Saskatchewan Agricultural Statistics Fact Sheet - English
    Various agricultural statistics for the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Varieties of Grain Crops - 2017
    The cropland of Saskatchewan has been divided into four areas based roughly on agro-climatic conditions. Crop yields can vary from area to area. In choosing a variety, producers will want to consider the yield data in combination with marketing and agronomic factors.