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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Publications Centre
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  • General Instructions
    General help when applying for a student loan.
  • Graduate Retention Program Application
    The Graduate Retention Program rewards graduates living in Saskatchewan by providing rebate up to $20,000. To be eligible, you have to live and file an income tax return in Saskatchewan. You must apply for the Graduate Retention Program within seven years of graduation. Most Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions apply for the GRP on your behalf. If your post-secondary school doesn't, you must submit an application, along with a copy of your certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • Portal Account Need Help
    Help with your portal account.
  • 2018-19 Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan Handbook
    This handbook provides Saskatchewan students with information about assistance for the 2018-19 loan year (August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019).
  • Saskatchewan Designation Policy Manual
    The Saskatchewan Designation Policy Manual outlines the policies governing the designation of educational institutions for Saskatchewan student financial assistance.