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Monday, August 21, 2017
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Publications Centre
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  • Common-Law Relationship
    To declare a common-law relationship in reassesment of your Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan.
  • Third-Party Pick-up Consent
    Consent to have a third-party pick up documentation pertaining to your Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan on your behalf.
  • Attending Physician's Statement
    If you are applying for Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loans and you or your spouse are unable to work due to medical reasons, your contribution or the contribution of your spouse may be waived by submitting the Attending Physicians Statement.
  • Reduced Income Statement
    If you are a dependent student applying for a Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loan and your parents' gross income will be less than the gross income as shown on line 150 of last year’s income tax form, the parental contribution can be recalculated using the lower income by submitting this completed form.
  • Separation
    To declare dependent children upon parental separation of the student receiving assistance.