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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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  • Immigrant Skilled Workers: Should Canada Attract More Foreign Students?
    This paper examines federal and provincial immigration policy and explores some important issues relating to the process of admission of immigrants to Canada. It also analyzes areas where changes are needed to maximize the benefits from immigration to the Canadian economy faced with the challenges of aging population and changing labour market conditions. The paper emphasizes that immigration policy must be focused not simply on bringing in more people, but people who are likely to adapt to the Canadian lifestyle, contribute economically, abide by laws in the country, and become self-supporting.
  • Aboriginal People with Disabilities
    Following the completion of a two-year study looking at the issues facing Aboriginal persons with disabilities in Canada, and using culturally appropriate research methods, the authors identified the multiple gaps in public policies concerning a marginalized segment of society.
  • Managing Complexity: The Lessons of Horizontal Policy-Making in the Provinces
    With jurisdictions increasingly in competition with one another for investment and economic growth, governments are constantly looking for ways to be more effective in harnessing their resources to address seemingly intractable social problems. This paper identifies several valuable lessons for managing the development of public policy.
  • A Conceptual Comparative Analysis Between the British and Canadian Mad Cow Crisis: The Cost of Learning
    As evidenced by the British and Canadian BSE crises, the emergence of complex diseases in the food chain globally has made food safety policy vitally important. This paper compares and analyzes the events that occurred within the British and Canadian beef industries.
  • Final Destination or a Stopover: Attracting Immigrants to Saskatchewan
    This Briefing Note endeavours to explore some key issues relating to immigration in Saskatchewan that affect the province’s future economic and social development. The Briefing Note also provides helpful information on the historical patterns and current trends of immigration to the province, out-migration flows and the overall demographic situation in the province.