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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Publications Centre
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Top 5 Downloaded Publications
  • HIV - HIV/AIDS Annual Reports
    Statistical report on HIV and AIDS in Saskatchewan, with analysis of age, sex, ethnicity and self-identified behaviours.
  • Special Support Program - Drug Plan - Side A - CRA Application/Consent Form
    This form is used to request income information for assessment of eligibility for those with high drug costs in relation to income. This one-time form authorizes the Drug Plan to obtain your income tax information from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), so you do not need to apply every year. If you decide you do not want the automatic renewal process, the Annual Application Form (SIDE B) allows you to complete a renewal form and submit it with your income information each year.
  • Health Facility Assessments
    Health care facility assessments were completed on approximately 270 health facilities across Saskatchewan by VFA Canada in 2013. Assessment results, as of June 26, 2014, were provided by health region.
  • Medical Services Branch Annual Statistical Reports
    Annual Statistical Reports Medical Services Branch Saskatchewan Health
  • Seniors' Drug Plan - Form A - CRA Application/Consent One-Time Application
    To apply for the Seniors' Drug Plan program, each eligible senior must complete and sign an application and consent form. By using Form A, you are giving the Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch permission to update your coverage annually.