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Friday, September 21, 2018
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  • C.B.3/15
    Board Order set aside by Court of Appeal September 10, 2018 (CACV 2898)
  • C.B.1/17
    C.B. 1/17 Red River Oil Inv. v Cory and Eva Kobelsky Set Compensation payable pursuant to E.B. 1/16 Land Value: $250.00; Survey Payment: $250.00; Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance:$1000.00 Loss of Use: 50% of third party cost of a maximum Value of $6,800.00(for a maximum total payment of $3,400.00)
  • C.B.2/17
    Husky Oil Operations Limited v Rodney Wayne Ferguson and Margaret Rose Ferguson Set Compensation payable pursuant to E.B. 31/14 (4.13 acres) Land Value: $918.75 per acre. Loss of Use: $375.00/acre Costs: $18,690.57
  • C.B.3/09
    Bourne v. Mustang Oil Ltd. Section 77, 78 and 79 Rental Review Application – Wellsite (2.47 acres)Rental - $2,367.00 – Costs $100.00 - purpose of hearing is to review rentals, not for a period of the past, but for a prospective or future award. - midfield site - oilfield equipment, weed growth and oil spills. - Board used PRO for grain price from CWB - Swabbed well – extensive explanation regarding swabbers.
  • C.B.3/14
    Husky Oil Operations Limited v. Rutherford Set Compensation payable on a .52 acre flowline (E.B. 6/11) Land Value: $109.95; Survey Payment: $100.00; Unused pipe left in ground: 0 Severance, Adverse Effect and Nuisance: no payment Loss of Use: 0; Costs: $3,500.00